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We provide the services manufacturers, fabricators, service centers and builders need when they need them. Our combination of on-site inventory, fabrication technology, and impeccable customer service is what makes us a Premier Distribution and Manufacturing Center.

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Morgan Steel
February 2, 2024


Steel Mountain Marketing collaborated with Morgan Steel, a leading provider of services for manufacturers, fabricators, service centers, and builders. Morgan Steel is renowned for its Premier Distribution and Manufacturing Center, offering a unique blend of on-site inventory, advanced fabrication technology, and exceptional customer service. Recognizing the importance of a robust online presence in today's digital landscape, Morgan Steel engaged Steel Mountain Marketing to enhance its digital footprint through a comprehensive project.


Scope of Work

Website Redesign

The first phase of the project involved a complete overhaul of Morgan Steel's website. Steel Mountain Marketing focused on creating a modern, user-friendly design that accurately represented Morgan Steel's brand identity. The redesigned website not only featured a visually appealing layout but also optimized navigation, ensuring a seamless user experience. Emphasis was placed on highlighting Morgan Steel's key services, industry expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

SEO Plan

To improve Morgan Steel's online visibility and increase organic traffic, Steel Mountain Marketing implemented a strategic SEO plan. Extensive keyword research was conducted to identify relevant terms and phrases in the steel industry. On-page optimization techniques were applied to the website's content, meta tags, and headers, enhancing its search engine rankings. Additionally, Steel Mountain Marketing executed off-page SEO strategies, including backlink building and content outreach, to strengthen Morgan Steel's authority within the industry.

Social Media Management

Recognizing the importance of professional networking in the B2B space, Steel Mountain Marketing took charge of Morgan Steel's LinkedIn presence. A targeted social media management strategy was developed, focusing on engaging content creation, industry updates, and showcasing Morgan Steel's projects and achievements. Regular posts and updates were shared to enhance brand awareness, build a community of followers, and foster meaningful connections within the steel manufacturing sector.



The collaboration between Steel Mountain Marketing and Morgan Steel resulted in a significant digital transformation. The website redesign improved user engagement and provided a more intuitive platform for potential clients to explore Morgan Steel's offerings. The implemented SEO plan successfully elevated Morgan Steel's search engine rankings, leading to increased organic traffic and improved online visibility. The strategic social media management on LinkedIn contributed to a growing network of industry connections and heightened brand awareness.



Overall, the project exemplified Steel Mountain Marketing's ability to execute a holistic digital strategy, combining website redesign, SEO optimization, and social media management to propel Morgan Steel into a more prominent position within the competitive steel industry.

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