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Steel Mountain Marketing successfully revamped Wisconsin Steel & Tube's digital presence, integrating a strategic website redesign, customized SEO plan, engaging blog launch, and precise LinkedIn social media management, aligning with the company's values of customer service and innovation.

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Wisconsin Steel & Tube
February 8, 2024


Steel Mountain Marketing is proud to showcase the successful completion of a comprehensive digital overhaul for Wisconsin Steel & Tube, a stalwart in the industry since 1952. This multifaceted project included a strategic website redesign, a tailored SEO plan, the launch of an engaging blog, and meticulous LinkedIn social media management. Our objective was to modernize the online presence of Wisconsin Steel & Tube while staying true to its core values of customer-centric service and continuous innovation.


Scope of Work

Website Redesign

Steel Mountain Marketing undertook a strategic redesign of Wisconsin Steel & Tube's website, ensuring a contemporary and user-friendly interface that aligns with the company's commitment to cutting-edge technology and customer service excellence. The revamped site serves as a digital gateway for partners, showcasing the company's diverse offerings and value-added services.

SEO Plan

A customized SEO strategy was implemented to boost Wisconsin Steel & Tube's online visibility and search engine rankings. This involved meticulous keyword research, on-page optimization, and technical enhancements, enhancing the company's digital footprint and attracting partners seeking specialized contract programs, kitting, and stocking solutions.

Blog Launch

In line with Wisconsin Steel & Tube's commitment to industry leadership, a dynamic blog was launched. This platform serves to share industry insights, company updates, and valuable information, positioning Wisconsin Steel & Tube as a thought leader while driving organic traffic and engaging the target audience.

Social Media Management

Recognizing the importance of professional networking, Steel Mountain Marketing took charge of Wisconsin Steel & Tube's LinkedIn presence. Regular updates, industry highlights, and engaging content were shared to foster a community around the brand, connecting with partners and reinforcing the company's dedication to customer relationships.



Through this collaborative effort, Steel Mountain Marketing has successfully propelled Wisconsin Steel & Tube into the digital era, honoring its legacy while positioning it for continued success over the next 70 years. This project underscores our commitment to merging cutting-edge technology with unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, ensuring Wisconsin Steel & Tube's digital presence aligns seamlessly with its core values.



In conclusion, Steel Mountain Marketing's comprehensive digital transformation for Wisconsin Steel & Tube has not only modernized their online presence but also reinforced their commitment to customer-centric service and continuous innovation. This project signifies our dedication to seamlessly blending cutting-edge digital strategies with timeless company values, ensuring Wisconsin Steel & Tube is well-positioned for sustained success in the evolving digital landscape.

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